Our Story

R E V I V R E  (from the French saying ‘to live again’) was founded by conscious-minded creatives who intended to design a refined, supportive and elegant swimwear collection so comfortable it could be worn day in, day out but durable, made with quick-dry, anti-bacterial fabrics for that spontaneous dip in the ocean. 

Splitting our time between Australia's raw, unforgiving coastlines, Scotland's rugged wilderness and France's eternally beautiful landscapes, our connection to nature has always been our place of inspiration. 

In comfort, forever soaking up the earth. 

Revivre is a refined collection of minimalist swimwear and apparel that offer timeless designs in comfortable, regenerated fabrics, created to make you feel good. Our pieces are designed with both the consumer and nature in mind, and are structured in form and function for a soft and supportive aesthetic.


Tropical Leaves

Our Mission

If there is balance between consumption and contribution, the earth is at peace. 


Our responsibility to care for nature has always been close to home, so it was vital for us to create products with a sustainable future in mind, by only using fabrics which already exist by means of recycling, reusing and regenerating.


Therefore, our mission here at Revivre, is to leave as little impact on the natural world as possible, and we always encourage our customers to do the same. 


We find joy in a minimalist lifestyle, which led us to visualise an apparel line that not only supported and accentuated the body's natural curves all day, but timeless, refined garments that were made to last. Fast-fashion is the thing of the past. Join us.